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Go Beauty Beast - Beautiful everyday

Get Better Skin with These Simple Tips

Try any of these awesome tips to get the radiant skin every woman seeks.

Get more sleep

there’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. When you sleep, your body goes through cellular renewal, and skin rejuvenation is a big part of that. Not getting enough sleep can leave you looking older and more washed out.

Keep Your Brushes Clean

Dirty makeup brushes are one of the leading causes of breakouts and acne. Keeping your brushes clean is really simply. All you have to do is swirl them around in a gentle cleanser or shampoo and let them air dry sufficiently. This will get rid of all the old makeup and bacteria.

Clean your face once a day

A morning and a night routine is overdoing it and will lead to dried out skin. Unless your skin is very oily, you only need to wash your face every night. Use a gentle cleanser and instead of scrubbing it in, let it sit on your face for a couple of seconds to eliminate dirt and bacteria. Remember to moisturize when you’re done. In the morning, all you have to do is splash a bit of water on your face. Skip the products.

Use Your Sunscreen

Everyone already knows how important it is to put sunscreen on to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and premature aging, however what most people don’t do is reapply their sunscreen after several hours. After a long day of work or running errands, sun screen will need to be reapplied. But what do you do if you’re wearing makeup? There’s a product for that. There are some brands now offering SPF powders that can easily be brushed over a made up face. If you go makeup free, creams should be all your need.

Get your neck and chest

Moisturizing these areas are just as important as the rest of your face. These are areas that are prone to wrinkling, aging, and darkspots so it’s important to get the hydration that they need. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen to these areas as well. Reapplication of sunscreen here should be a snap because most people don’t wear makeup in these areas. Keep them protected just as you would your face.

Water, Water and more Water

Water truly is a miracle drink. It will clear you of toxins that cause poor skin and inflammation. It will help transport nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, stopping premature aging. Drinking water is especially important if you’re someone who lives in a dry climate.

Things Every Girl Needs for Her Nails

Ah, nails. One of the most fun parts of getting pretty is making nails pretty too. At least it is for me. Over the last couple of years I have been experimenting with all kinds of nail products, figuring out what’s good and what’s not. After trying all kinds of things from acrylic nails to 3D nail art, I’ve narrowed down the things that I personally deem necessary for great nails. Here are some of the things I think any nail lover needs.

Top and Base Coat

I have to be honest. I used to be a cheater when it came to painting my nails. I never used a top and a base coat. I really didn’t see the point. It’s clear. You can’t see it. It doesn’t make my nails look any better. So what’s the point? Of course, I knew that if I was really going to do a good job at learning about all kinds of products, I would eventually have to give it a shot.

So I bought both a top coat and a base coat from OPI. When I finished my manicure complete with base and top, I still wasn’t very impressed. Sure my nails were shiny and pretty, but they didn’t look any better than they did without the extra work.

But then a few days went by and my nails were completely in tact. There were no chips! As someone who would damage her nails within the day that they were painted, this was enough to sell me on these products. A top coat and a base coat are totally necessary for a manicure that is long lasting. Now, I wouldn’t say that I ended up with a manicure that stayed on for a month, but was it extended for longer than usual? Absolutely. And the base coat did a fantastic job of keeping my nails from getting stripped of nutrients.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish has been getting pretty popular lately. My local target was having a sale on a pretty basic gel set that included the lamp and all the polishes necessary to get the job done at home. I shelled out the cash for the entire thing because the deal was pretty great, and I have a friend who has been raving to me about her love for gel manicures. This may take away some of my credibility away as a beauty product lover, but I had no idea that I could do a gel manicure at home. I thought it was something that had to be done at the salon.

Anyway, I’m getting all rambly. The point is, I bought the set and did the manicure and I was so pleased with the results. My nails were rock hard and really glamorous looking. The results lasted for so long. My first manicure stayed for 3 weeks.

The only downside I see about this sort of manicure is that it takes time and effort. I can be an impatient person, so I don’t do gel all the time. But for someone who really loves painting their nails? One of these kits is a must.

Cuticle Oil

I suffer from extreme dry skin around the nails. It’s not the most pleasant thing to get your nails all pretty and then have peeling skin all around ruining the overall look. So I bought cuticle oil from Essie and it’s so good! After using it for a couple of weeks I noticed a drastic improvement in my cuticles. In fact, they basically don’t peel anymore ever! I think there are a lot of people, nail lovers included, who skip out on these kinds of products, but I think they are absolutely necessary for the overall health of the nails.

Em Cosmetics: Try or Not?

Most people have probably heard of Em Cosmetics, the makeup brand by beauty guru and entrepreneur Michelle Phan. Considering this stuff is marketed to people who watch beauty videos on youtube and a younger audience that doesn’t exactly have a ton of disposable income, I’m surprised by how expensive her products are. I’m on the fence about whether or not I should buy some of the cheaper stuff just to give a try. Who knows. I’ll be sure to report back if I do.

The products now have a lower price than when they were initially released, but they’re still priced high, around the same price you would expect to pay for some higher end products at Sephora.

Essence Cosmetics Lipstick

Makeup can be really expensive, and occasionally I like to find a drugstore product that gets the job done for a lot less. Recently, I came across a long lasting lipstick by Essence cosmetics at Walgreens and picked up a couple. I was able to pick them up for only 2.99 which is a steal. This may have been a sale, I’m not entirely sure of the normal price, but it can’t be much more.

The lipstick itself is pretty nice. The pigmentation is good but not incredibly saturated. The color was pretty close to what you see in the tube and I found that by applying more layers, it was buildable. To get a deeper shade just add a couple more coats and it looks pretty nice!

The lipstick feels light and creamy on the lips. It’s not to thick, which is nice for those who want their lips to breathe a bit. Since their so cheap, it really wouldn’t be too much of an investment to pick up a color that appeals to you and try it yourself. They really are a steal!

Quick Beauty Tip: Contouring

Contouring can look intimidating but it’s really not all that tricky.The idea behind contouring is to take a bronzer or a darker shade than your skin and use an angled brush to apply to the cheek bone hallows and the sides of the nose. This will give the illusion that your face is leaner. A highlighting color is than applied to areas that light should be reflected on like on top of the cheek bones and over the nose. It’s important to then stipple all the areas but not rub and smudge together. After a bit of practice you’ll have a beautifully angled and glowing face.